Mining Locomotives

PHS STROJÁRNE a.s. (Inc.) are manufacturing narrow-gauge locomotives and special equipment for tunnel construction and mining industries. Our designers and engineers put particular emphasis on simplicity and modularity so that our customers get the locomotive which meets their specific requirements for performance and safety, as well as ease of use and minimal service. Our company manufactures a broad portfolio of diesel, trolley and battery-powered locomotives weighing up to 20 tons with engine power up to 250kW. All our locomotives are designed in such way that they shall be able to operate reliably in the most demanding conditions. Diesel and battery-powered locomotives are produced in the versions for explosion hazardous areas according to ATEX standards.

Satisfied customer is our greatest reward. During more than 40 years production of the locomotives, we have produced more than 2,800 locomotives and some of our customers still use in their mines our locomotives made in the 70-ies of the last century.
Portfolio of our locomotives reflects requirements of our customers. Each project has its own specific environmental requirements, operation, performance, and each country has its specific requirements for certification and safety and our company is ready to meet all of them.

Our locomotives are designed to meet the conditions for operating in an environment where are used:

• Demanding conditions
• Required high performance
• Operation in potentially explosive atmospheres
• Small turning radius of the track-lines
• Extremely sloped climbs and descents of the track-lines