Technical support

Our own team of designers and engineers can offer our clients their extensive experience in the design of technical solutions, development and modification of technical documentation, 3D models creating and preparation with processing of the spare parts catalogs. We work with CAD software, Solid Works a Pro Engineer.

Preparation of material

Burning of the material we provide by means of plasma / oxy-acetylene burning machine which can burn sheets to the size of 2 x 6 m, up to a thickness of 12 mm with burning by plasma and 110 mm with burning by acetylene.

We also perform:   
• material cutting by means of band saws up to diameter of 300 mm
• sheet metal plate cutting to width of 3150 mm and thickness of 16 mm
• bevel cutting of the material by burning to sizes up to 20 x 45°


Bending of parts we provide by means of press-brakes with a force up to 160 tons, with possible bending up to lengths of 4000 mm.
We have available also straightening press with a force of up to 160 tons and we perform also the roll-bending of material to a width of 2000 mm and thickness of 10 mm.

Welding and annealing

Welding process is ensured by our welders authorized in accordance with EN standards. We provide welding from small structures to large frames for machines up to 20 tons and a length of 15 meters.
Our company produces products using materials in quality from S235 through S690 grade, (or XAR, Weldox and Hardox) to a thickness of up to 150 mm. We are able to weld by using the MIG / MAG, TIG, CMT types of welding equipment.

We provide sandblasting of welded parts as required by the customer; finished products can be annealed to eliminate internal stresses, with maximum product dimensions of 3 x 1.5 x 1.2 m.

Mechanical machining

Mechanical machining of parts entering into subassemblies or finished welded structures are performed using conventional drilling machines, lathes, milling machines and grinders.
The treatment of large structures we perform by means of portal milling machines and horizontal boring machines.

List of mechanical machinery equipment owned by PHS STROJÁRNE, a.s. (Inc.):   

1x Horizontal boring machine WHN 13, working table clamping surface 1800 x 1800 mm, height 2000 mm
1x Horizontal boring machine WD 130, working table clamping surface 1500 x 3500 mm, travel length 2500 mm, height 3500 mm     
2x Horizontal boring machines BFP 125           
3x Horizontal boring machine W100, working table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm, height 1120 mm
1x Portal milling machine FP 16, working table clamping surface 1250 x 3500 mm, max width 1600 mm, table feed length 6500 mm       
1x Portal milling machine FP 12, working table clamping surface 950 x 3000 mm, max width 1200 mm, table feed length 6000 mm       
1x Machining center HBG 80, working table clamping surface 800 x 800 mm, height 800 mm       
1x Carrousel SKQ 12, maximum diameter Ø 1200 mm, turning height 900 mm        
1x Semi-automatic lathe SPT 16, flanges Ø 200 - 160 mm, spindles Ø160 - 500 mm   
2x Semi-automatic lathes SPT 32, flanges Ø 320 - 250 mm, spindles Ø 320 – 1500 mm   

Sand blasting

We perform sand blasting of parts and welded steel constructions with steel granules in average diameter of 1.2 mm, up to size 3300 x 1000 mm. Welded structures of larger size are usually sand-blasted with silica sand.

Surface treatment / finishing

We can provide also surface treatment finishing according to customer’s requirements. We can paint the products with two-component, polyurethane, or acetone colors in coating line, which is equipped with heating for drying, also with upstream degreasing box. We use KREMLIN type of professional spraying equipment.
All parts are sand-blasted before spraying and degreased with special chemical products, ensuring a high quality of surface treatment finishing and paint adhesion. In addition to coloring, we can provide also additional surface treatment according to customer’s requirements.

Dimensions of coating line inside of painting shop: 8 m x 4.5 m x 3.6 m
Maximum weight for overhead conveyor: 500 kg
Maximum weight on a rail trolley track: 20 tons


Our clients are offered with experience and know-how in the production of our own locomotives. Besides mechanics we have specialists in electronics, hydraulics and also in assembly of transmissions.